Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cartoonist Day Exhibit 2008


Last month, I participated in a touring cartoon exhibit here in Sioux Falls. This is the second annual Cartoonist Day event and we had more artists then we had last year. It was (and is) a two part show. The first part was at a coffee shop in downtown, called "Michelle's". I was excited to show some of my recent work, but because of space, I was only able to put up two pieces. Here's a photo from the first phase of the show.

The exhibit is currently at Black Sheep Coffee in the western part of downtown Sioux Falls. We had more space, but to be honest, the show doesn't look as cool as it did over at Michelle's, but I was able to put up one other piece. This was the one I had put the most time and money of course I wanted to make sure it got shown. and here it is. Believe me, it's better in person! Each image is individually matted. It's entitled "Imagination".

The "Imagination" piece, added to the second half of the show.

My three pieces installed at Black Sheep Coffee.

I really enjoyed participating in this show. It's fun to catch up with other illustrators and cartoonists. I really hope I can find a group like this in LA when I move. It makes the fine artist in me happy to be a part of shows like this. If your in the Sioux Falls area before May 11th, stop over and check the show out at Black Coffee. And if you'd like to see some pics from the show reception follow this link:

Until laterz!

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