Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Gym and the Olympics

Today was my first day coaching since I moved to LA. I started my new coaching job at Club Champion Gymnastics in Pasadena. This month is only a few hours of floating and getting to know the gym and the kids. I worked with one of the team coaches who happens to be from the Ukraine, with the strong Russian accent you would think a man of that country would have. But it was great getting into the gym again. And the kids that were at practice today seem like a good bunch. So far they don't come close to cool girls that are still back in Sioux Falls, but that bar has been set really high! It's amazing how you can find kids in different gyms halfway across the country from each other, who have the identical personalities! I'm excited about getting more and more into the gym. In September, I'll be getting more of a set class schedule, but for now, it's floating with team some days and rec classes others.

After the weekly Wednesday Night Ultimate Frisbee match, sore and tired (and vastly out of shape!!), I have returned home to catch some of the Women's Gymnastics podium practice. I missed the men's by just a little bit last night, but raced home to catch some of tonight's action on It's kinda fun seeing the future Gold Metal team practicing (I'm prophesying here people!!). I think I missed vault (bummed to miss Alicia S.), but saw bars and now they are onto beam. Bars looked good. Here's to a good beam practice.

I wanted to get a post about my first day at a job here in LA...and hope to have some more to post for sure next week with the Olympics and SIGGRAPH 2008 going on....

Until laterz!

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