Monday, December 1, 2008


I finally got to see Bolt last night. Disney's latest addition to it's animated film history, Bolt is a fantastic comedy/buddy/ animal/action film. We went to see the 3D version of it, which is always an added joy. The newer 3D technology is soo much easier to watch then the red/blue lens glasses. Although, I did notice that the current glasses are tinted darker, so the film is a little less bright then it normally would be. But enough about the technology. The animation and plot were brilliant. One of the sidekicks has become one of my new favorite characters, Rhino the hamster. I loved the pigeons that run through out the whole film. I think this is because of school, I'm watching the actual animation so much closer these days. This always happens when I am in animation school..screws with my viewing pleasure! But all I could see were poses...poses...poses!! ha!

I'd highly recommend this film to young and old! My friends and I, were rolling in the isles through much of the film. And once again, I watched the "animator's" credit list and found where my name will fit right in. ONE DAY in the NEAR FUTURE!!!

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Amy said...

Fun! I want to see this! (Somehow I hadn't even heard about it; I guess I live under a rock.)