Thursday, January 14, 2010 the home stretch!!!

After a much MUCH needed Christmas break, I have started back into Animation Mentor and my final class. That's's almost been 18 months since I started this amazing school and FANTASTIC journey!

This term is all about Short Film PRODUCTION, baby! That means taking all the planning I did last term and now creating some excellent animation with it. I've got some pretty big tech issues to deal with, as well as just basic work on performing and showing I am furthering my skills. And if I can end up with a great lil' short, even better!

My mentor this term is GREG WHITTAKER. Greg has been an animator at Dreamworks since the start of the animation company, I believe. He just happened to finish on "How to Train Your Dragon" this last week. His last day just happened to be the day of our first Q&A. I believe he'll be moving onto Kung Fu Panda 2 next.

This short film is a monster..and I got a ton of work to get done on it. But with Greg's and my Animation Mentor classmate's help, I think I can get this worked out. Keep an eye out for further posts about it, or check out my other blog for weekly updates.

until laterz!

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