Monday, June 9, 2008

Florida Trip 2

So after we left the Magic Kingdom, Ben and I rode the bus over to the newly RENAMED Disney's "Hollywood Studios". Ben is a huge Ohio State fan. He talked to ANYONE that had Ohio clothes on or looked like they were from the state. This happened again, just outside of the studio entrance. While I was taking this photo of the entrance, Ben was being social! The people he was talking to were as excited as he was. This time it all paid off. This family from Ohio had been lucky enough to be chosen by the Dream Team and granted two Ultimate FastPasses. They had only used one of the passes and were leaving the park for the day, so they gave them to us. It was really cool! The only bugger was that the passes didn't come with the Dream Cloud Ears...the one thing I really wanted! I was tempted to ask someone if winning ANYTHING from the Dream Team got the ears and act like we hadn't gotten our Ears, but figured that'd be pushing our luck. For all we knew, they would look to see that we hadn't been the winners and screw it all up!

This is close to my favorite park. It's my world..HOLLYWOOD! I sometimes wish I'd been alive back in the glitz and glamour of old Hollywood. Here's where I can indulge in that dream. We were still on the goal to hit all four parks, so we mainly were there for the rides. We headed to the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror first. A favorite! Love the the premise..and LOVE the drops!!

After the drop...we got to use our first Ultimate FastPass for Rockin' Rollarcoaster. I was nervous we'd get caught..but it was sweet going through fast and feeling like royalty for a sec. But to be honest, this time of year had the park with just the right amount of people so no wait was even that long. But it was still fun having the passes...felt really cool!

We had done the big rides, and after some pin shopping and looking for any cool villians stuff, I was good to hit the fourth park in one day. But then Ben realized the Star Wars portion of the park...which I'd totally forgotten about. Well, not really, I'm a HUGE fan of Star Tours, but I've been on it many times and I'm waiting for them to get the updated ride done (hopefully soon! Let's go Lucas!!). This ride was also on our Super Pass..but the guy at the gate told us we wouldn't need it..and he was right. Unfortunatly, not having to wait made it harder for Ben to fully take in all the great stuff alone the que. Ben was starting to loose energy when we got to this park, but getting to ride on an Endor speeder gave him some renewed energy. I was only bummed we were like a few weeks too early for the "Star Wars Days" held at the park in June. Wish we coulda seen the Jedi Academy. I've heard from a good source it's a pretty cool experience for young kids..or young at heart!

After we finished the rides and some shopping at the Studios, we were gonna try to hit the last park, EPCOT. But the full day had gotten to us, and we realized we'd barely make it. So, we decided in stead to go to Downtown Disney and get food. We headed back via the bus to the Magic Kingdom parking lot. The bus driver talked with us a little and suggested we watch the Pirates and Princess fireworks show from the Polynesian beach. I hadn't ever been to the Polynesian resort and was really impressed. It makes me really want to try some of the other on property places to stay. Fun pool and the beach was fantastic!

After we wandered the resort and walked around the pool, we found a place on the beach and watched a pretty good fireworks show.

It was a whirlwind trip through the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH, but I'll take any amount of Disney fun that I can! Thanks, Gene, for sending us!!

Until laterz!

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