Sunday, June 8, 2008

Last Cities visit...for now

I took the weekend to go up to my old stomping grounds in the Minneapolis area. I wanted to catch up with some good friends before I make "THE MOVE". I realized I hadn't been up since a year ago, pretty much exactly. I stayed with my childhood friend, Anthony. He and his wife, Kerri, were my landlords for a year when I went to the Art Institute International-MN earlier in the decade. They are like family. They have a beautiful little peanut, Camryn, who today turned 2!!
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They went to college at Bethel College with many of my other Minneapolis friends. I also got to catch up with another good "brother" of mine, Andy. After hearing about her for the last couple months, I finally was able to meet the girl that holds his heart, Kelly. She was a sweet gal and fit right in with the other girls. We all gathered at Ian and Lara, where we cooked out

and watched a master class of pie making, performed by the hosts.

It was great to see Ian and Lara's new house, which I totally forgot to take a picture of. But I did get to take plenty of pictures of their two young ladies, Lily and Cici. Add in Camryn and it made for many photo ops!

It was a wonderful time to catch up and see old friends, and new ones!

Unfortunatly, we had to get going before the pies were totally cooled...that was maybe the biggest bummer...just look at this masterpiece!!! Way to go Chef Ian!!

Until laterz!

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