Friday, March 7, 2008

the DanDrea 1

This past February, I went up to the Great White North of the Toronto, Canada area for the wedding of good Taiwan friends, Daniel and Andrea! This was part of what has become an annual Taiwan reunion time for those of us no longer together at ORTV. It's actually the third wedding that has brought most of us together each time. It was a wonderful time and a BEAUTIFUL wedding. I have noticed some others posting pics, but have been asked by several when I'd be posting more of mine. So here goes.

Here's Julie, a Cali girl, scraping off her first car load of snow from the night's storm the night before. She got a lot more chances to fine tune her clearing skills by the end of her time in Canada!

Jessie, Melissa, Julie and Naomi
Gabe and your favorite Blogger, ME!!

The day before the wedding, some of us "non-wedding party" peeps went with Naomi (our Canadian host and tour guide) and her mom, brother and sister-in-law to see the Niagra Falls

Here's the group (minus me) in front of the Canadian, and much more impressive, side of the Niagra Falls.
One of the best things about this time of year at the Falls was the game of ICE THROWING! It was a challenge to actually get the ice from the railings to hit open water.
Gabe doesn't read Canadian, I guess, otherwise I'm sure he'd follow the "Do NOT do this" sign!!

I'd seen Niagra Falls before, but this was by far a more memorable time at the natural wonder. And it was a blast to have some fun and make some "Sparkles", as Drea would say! After this, we went and had some Middle Eastern food and then the Taiwan group headed to the Taiwan reunion with the wedding party people back in Kitchner-Waterloo.

More to come!

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