Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the DanDrea 3

Then on Saturday, we all joined in celebrating Andrea and Daniel's uniting in marriage. It was a beautiful, GERMAN wedding! It was a small church, with tight parking. I'm pretty amazed at how Julie was able to find a spot in that ice/snow packed lot. Keeping in mind that she's not use to winter driving AND I think new to mini vans.

Mel and Jessie show off the PRE-WEDDING shoes. And here we have some of the bridesmaids...fellow ORTVers, Rachel and Linda. Don't they just look great!

The flower girl was hilarious from when she raced down the aisle to playing with her bouquet.

The father of the bride and the bride, Andrea. What a moment!
The Medeiros', Amy and Tom. A year and a half ago it was Amy in the dress!!
And the future "Mr." of "Mr & Mrs. DanDrea"

The wedding ceremony was beautiful. They had two pastors overseeing the ceremony, I believe the first one was the pastor from Andrea's parent's church (which I think is the same church the whole thing was happening at! ha!). Then the second pastor was Daniel's Dad. He was a funny, German pastor. He was entertaining...even if it did go over the original time he said he'd take! Our friend Amy read part of the scripture reading (using my Bible!! I knew I'd work my way into the ceremony SOMEHOW!!) and my very TALENTED brother, Campbell lead the worship time and shared a song while the couple were signing the paperwork. Speaking of which...has ANYONE ever gone to a wedding where the couple and the people standing up with them leave the guests in the pews as they go into a side room to sign what I thought was the wedding license, but later someone said it was signing something of a wedding record for the church.

To truly show how laid back and easy going Andrea must have been on this special day, you only had to see how at ease she was when a snaffu in the wedding itinerary happened. After the message by Daniel's Dad, the other pastor proceeded to skip over the vows and exchanging of rings and go right to the kneeling at the alter. But after something was said about the rings, everything got back on track. Andrea was DEFINITELY not a bridezilla!! She showed she was use to things not going totally on script! One of the many things I love about my friend, Drea!!!

...and introducing Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bastke!!!!

It was a quick exit for all the wedding party.

That's it for now..but there's more from the post-ceremony fun to come soon!!!

Until laterz!


Andrea said...

Montie! Am loving your new blog. Thanks so much for the wedding play by play. I keep looking at all the pics with such beaming JOY! And you know what my heart is doing? Some of them just show up as a box, but that's OK! What tickles your words bring. Love the Niagara pics and the glimpses of the fun we missed. Can't wait for our crusing reunion! Looking foward to continued posts in DakotaKidsWorld. He's a COOL KID! Love 'ya! Drea Dane

Amy said...

Thanks for the great update and pics, Lamont! Love your commentary. :) Bringing back memories!