Saturday, March 8, 2008

the DanDrea 2

So after a funfilled day at Niagra Falls, we then met up with the wedding party! It was another great reunion time for the past ORTV friends. After meeting Andrea's family and seeing the home she grew up in, we all headed over to this Canadian institution called, Tim Horton's. Has anyone outside of America heard of this place?? It's like our Dunkin' Donuts massed together with Bagel Boy throw in a bit of Starbucks and shake in a few morning sandwiches from Mickey D's and you have Tim Horton's. I do have to say, they have a french vanilla hot smoothie that was pretty dang good.
Adam (friend of Daniel's), Linda and Naomi

Julie, Melissa and Jessie (these guys are gonna be going to Montreal together after the wedding. Continuing the tradition of a fun filled road trip we started @ Amy's wedding. GRACELAND BABY!!)

In the next fun filled installment, we'll finally get to the big day! Here comes the bride....

Until laterz!

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Amy said...

Loving these!! :)