Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Blue House

The Tuesday night we got into LA, a buddy of mine, Caleb, from Sioux Falls calls me and says he's stuck overnight in LA. He was on his way to Hawaii, but the flight was cancelled. The airlines put him up, but we went over and picked him up to go to dinner with us and the Taguchi's. We went to a Japanese restaurant and had some really good food. After dinner, I took Caleb back to his hotel so he could get some sleep.

Some of you may know that I was moving out to LA without a job and without a permanent place to live. Before I left South Dakota, a possible temp place to rent came up. It was a house of about seven guys, many in the Entertainment industry. After I dropped off Caleb at the hotel, I headed over to the USC campus to check out the place nicknamed "The Blue House" .

I finally found the street that the house was on and walked up to the house. There was a bible study going on that I knew would be finishing soon, so I sat on the outside porch...waiting for either the bible study to break up or for someone else to come home. Soon, a truck came driving in the driveway. The driver came up to the front and introduced himself as Kevin. He brought me in and gave me a tour of the house and room that was for sublet. After the tour, I met a few more of the house guys, along with some of the other people that were at the bible study. It ends up that all the guys in the house go to Mosaic for church. Mosaic was one of the churches I had been referred to by an LA friend (thanks Linda!!). After some more chatting with people from the house, I said my goodbye and headed back to the Taguchi's.

After some figuring out and some wonderful blessings by my family, I decided that this sublet was the best thing for me at this time. The room I'd be renting is a big furnished room. It makes not having a ton of my household goods with me easier. It has a twin bed (a drop from my queen sized bed back in SD). It has a computer desk, a futon, and a love seat. The guy who's room this is had to leave the country for a few months and left most of his stuff here. So, that means I don't have great storage, but I can make the most of it. Friday morning, the FOURTH OF JULY (and my buddy Josh's 21'st birthday!!), I got the keys to the house and moved in my luggage and life!

Friday night I drive Heather and Emilia to the airport. We get her suitcases brought in and weighed in. After a few minutes waiting in line for the checkin to start, we quickly get up to the counter. After some smooth talking from Heather, we were on our way to taking the luggage to the x-ray. Once that was through, we headed up for some food and last few minutes with my sister and niece. Soon the time came for Heather and Emilia to go through the security. It was hard to see them leave, but I knew they needed to get back to Jeff and their mission in Taiwan. I headed from the airport back to the Taguchi's. Saturday morning, we went to breakfast and then I headed over to my new place. Here's a photo tour of my new dig's:

My room is on the second floor, corner with the fireplace. I got one window, which looks onto the street, and one that is on the side of the house (and actually a third one on the side of the house..but that's a closet window.

This is the driveway side of the house. Parking is in the back.

Here's the front door of the BIG Blue House!

Once through the front door, you enter the foyer area of the house. The stairs go up to five of the bedrooms.

The door in the corner leads to the kitchen and back of the house. Theres a doorway to the left of this picture that leads to the front room, also the main common area of the house.

The front room, aka TV room/meeting room/game room/fireplace room/general get to know people room (with a projector, sound system and huge screen).

The stairs that lead to upstairs..and my room.

Here's bathroom #1, and actually two bedrooms. One door is to the right just before the bathroom. The other room is to the left and THROUGH the bathroom.

At the top of the stairs and to the left are the other three bedrooms and the other bathroom. My room is the one at the end of the hall, to the right.

The room was really clean and felt really warm and welcoming...

...and just ignore the clutter of my stuff! But what do you expect from a gypsy??!!

Here's the main bathroom in the house. This is the only shower for the upstairs. There is so much room in here..totally could remodel this thing and put in a hot tub!

Through the foyer and doorway, brings you to the kitchen.

The door to the right leads to a basment....have yet to go down there. The door was locked one day..and then next it was open. I checked it out, but didn't get further then looking into the dark.

Here's the first of two fridges and the third bathroom, as well as the last two bedrooms of the house.

The second fridge and then the backdoor.

Here's the final bathroom, which happens to be the "guest" bathroom. There actually is another shower in there too, but it's not used.

The back of the house. Notice the swing up on the roof. That's Kevin's "porch swing". His is the room that you have to go through the bathroom to get too. I haven't gotten a chance to check out the view from up there...but I'll try to get some pictures from up there.

Currently we have nine cars that are parked back here...I'm amazed we can all do it! Luckily, not all of us have SUV's! Well..there's my tour of my new home for the next couple months...THE BLUE HOUSE!!

Until laterz!

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