Thursday, July 10, 2008

Discovering LA

After the four day cross-country drive, Heather and I did a little exploring of LA, along with getting Heather and Emilia ready to get back to Jeff in Taipei. One day we drove up to Hollywood. Heather realized she hadn't really ever done the tourist thing around the home of the Oscars. We walked along the "walk of fame".

Then we stopped by the Disney Soda Fountain and had a "pre-lunch" sundae. But first Emilia HAD to have her first picture taken with Mickey Mouse.

Now notice the cute yellow outfit Emilia's got on. Even at the tender age of 17 months, Emilia knows how to get new clothes. By the time we finished our sundaes, we had to purchase a new outfit for her. Luckily they had an pink Minnie outfit in the back. It was 9 months, yet our little peanut was STILL swimming in the thing!

Well, after exploring the hand prints around Mann's Chinese Theater, we headed outta the tourist trap that is Hollywood and went to meet friends of Heather and Jeff's in Pasasena. And then back to the Taguchi's to get more packing done.

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